Reservations – Goods Reception

For a good practice and functioning of Exchange and Return system, it is crucial the goods reception certification and order complete confirmation.

It is the costumer solely responsibility the verification of packaging and products right after its acceptance, being the same attached to the obligation of claiming reservation in case you find damage and/or violated package.

To prevent the non-acceptance of your complaint by the insurance/shipping companies, and our non-capability to assure partial or complete reimbursement, it is requested to check immediately the parcel for visible damage or products missing, putting that note on reservations field, on the delivery slip. The anomaly shall be exposed and detailed in written, subject of confirmation notes or oral reservations are not eligible as proof.

We point that, our parcels are sealed with a red and black tape, property of Bystart. Please be aware if you notice a different sealing tape or unglued, please deduct the reservation on the exposed terms above, this being proof that the parcel was tampered.

Exchange and return procedure

To request an exchange/return, you must complete the form at the bottom of the page.

It is necessary to have the order number, as well as the reason why the item should be returned.

Govvex reserves the right not to make an exchange or refund if the process is complete.

Note: Attach photos if possible.

Exchange and Returns specificities

Right to Return

  1. You may change or return products 14 days after your parcel shipment, as long as the product and its package are as they were when received.
  2. Please be careful when trying out the products, your right of return is only valid if the products are new, and in the condition which they were acquired, unused and unaltered. Govvex reserves itself the right to refuse the return, in case there are indicators that the procedure wasn’t fulfilled.
  3. For health and hygiene reasons, it is not possible to return Lingerie and all type of under garments, hosiery and leggings.
  4. Returning costs are the client responsibility.

Return for malfunction

If the acquired product is defective or does not have the appearance or works as announced, we replace it for free or make complete reimbursement, regarding the situation.

You shall include, whenever possible, photographs of the defect.

The costumer may only require for complete or partial reimbursement on subjects that may not be fixed or replaced within a 30-day period.

You may not have the right of reimbursement if it is a minor problem (ex: a scratch).

You shall point the defect until 30 days of knowledge. (cfr 916.º CC).

On the following six months of good delivery, you shall demonstrate that the good is defective or doesn’t correspond to announced.

Passed that six-month period, you will have to proof the defect existence on delivery.

Common tests to be made before proceeding to a return:

On the case of electronic devices, check/switch the batteries.
Batteries are consumable, as for, we will not be held responsible for the product non-function, due to batteries discharge.

Procedure on the Process in case of Return of Defective Products

You must wait for shipment. After return is authorized, you shall send the defective merchandise to our address. Once the item(s) reaches our premises, specialized staff will see what is wrong.

We will support the shipping costs, only when the goods are defective. Otherwise, we will not be held responsible for reshipping the product.

In case of any doubt you may contact by email:

Returns Form