Crushious Minerva S + L Menstrual Cups With Pouch And Toy Cleaner 150 Ml

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The set Minerva S + L includes 2 different size cups. Both suited for medium to heavy flow. Includes spray cleaner for better hygiene.

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Minerva is the perfect solution for dealing with menstruation in a healthy, economical, practical and environmentally friendly way.

The Minerva collection cup comes in 3 different sizes to best suit you and your body, so it can be used by most women.

Minerva sits inside the body and becomes unnoticeable when properly placed, its rounded end allows for extreme comfort even when doing intense sports.

Minerva is made of medical grade silicone and is made in one piece without seams, minimizing any discomfort.

Minerva is suitable for women of any age who are not using an IUD and have not received any contraindication from their doctor.

The menstrual collecting cup works by vacuum and is very easy to use, please see the digital manual available here and through the QR code on the packaging.

Minerva can be used up to 12h without removing and lasts between 5 and 10 years.

Care for your Minerva according to our suggestions and say hello to safer, odour-free, stain-free and much more eco-friendly periods.

Recommendations for Use:

  • Sterilise your cup before first use. Let the water boil for 5 minutes.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling your cup.

  • You may use water or water-based lubricant to aid insertion.

  • Try various folds until you find the one that suits you best.

  • Ensure the cup is inserted correctly and pull gently to check it is vacuuming.

  • You can now use your Minerva for up to 12 hours straight.

  • When it’s time to take your cup out, sit comfortably on the toilet, pull on the end while lightly pinching the base. Pour out the contents.

  • Rinse your Minerva with water or wipe it with a cloth.

  • You can now put it back in.

  • There is no need to wash or sterilise during the cycle.

  • After use wash your cup thoroughly with mild soap and warm water.
    Use Crushious‘ Toy Cleaner for extra effectiveness. Rinse and sterilize for 10 minutes.

  • Leave to dry and store in the cotton bag.

In the next cycle repeat all these steps again.


Do not share your Minerva.

Do not use during sexual intercourse.

Do not use menstrual collection cups if using intrauterine devices as the vacuum may dislodge the device, possibly causing injury and ineffectiveness of this contraceptive method.

Choose the Minerva best suited to you!

XS – Minerva XS is suitable for young women and for women with a slight flow who have not delivered a baby.

S – Minerva S is recommended for women with a medium flow

L – Minerva L is recommended for women with heavy flows and who have had at least one vaginal birth.

Your Minerva cup comes in a simple version with a storage pouch and a pack version with a cleaning spray included.

Please refer to the instructions for how best to use your Minerva, correct use of your Minerva may take up to 3 cycles, don’t give up if you can’t position it correctly on the first try.


6,3 cm x 4,3 cm.
6,9 cm x 4,7 cm.

23 and 30 ml.

Our Toy Cleaner is presented in spray for easier use and to cover larger areas at each pump.

Being unscented and easy to apply guarantees a pleasant and discreet experience.

Crushious Toy Cleaner is safe to use with your cup and with any sex toy. Please assure a proper rinse after application.

 Use combined with regular cleaning for that extra mile, or use it separately. Spray directly on the surface of the item that needs to be cleaned. Rub it in and wipe with a damp cloth or rinse with water.  Then rub it dry.

Warning: Can cause eye irritation. Keep out of reach of children. Wash after handling. Avoid contact with the eyes.
IF IN CONTACT WITH EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists: Get medical advice/attention.

Storage: at room temperature in the original container. After opening use within 12 months. Contains mixture of 2-methylisothiazolin-3-one and 5-chloro-2-methylisothiazolin-3-one. May produce an allergic reaction.

Contains:  < 5% – Nonionic surfactants – Anionic surfactants; Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone 


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150ML, 2 UNITS

Compatible with







6,3CM, 6,9CM


4,3CM, 4,7CM

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