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Play & Roulette is the perfect game to bring your excitement level to the max!

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Play & Roulette is the perfect game to bring your excitement level to the max!
Each player chooses odd or even and rolls a dice. The player who gets it right starts the game. In case of a tie, each player rolls the dice again.
The roulette wheel consists of three parts that move independently of each other: The 1st is an action to be performed, the 2nd is a body part and the 3rd is the frequency or time during which the action is performed.
The player must roll the two dice a total of three times, once for each part of the wheel, moving the arrow each time to the corresponding number indicated by the sum of the two dice. Once the three arrows are in place, the player must perform the indicated action on their partner’s body part as often or as many times as indicated. At any time during the game, if the player rolls a double six (12), he/she must remove an item of clothing.
Players take turns alternating turns until the level of arousal of the partner reaches its peak, at which point they must turn the central arrow and perform the indicated posture. Make your partner moan!
The player who reaches orgasm first loses the game.
-1 roulette wheel
-2 dice
Suggested to have:
Cold drink
Ice cubes
Massage oil


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Couple, Female, Male



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